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Business Lease Renewals

The Landlord and Tenant Act 1954 provides tenants of business premises with a statutory right to a new tenancy when the tenancy expires, where:-

a.   The tenancy was granted for more than 6 months, or
b.   If less the tenant has occupied for 12 months or more since commencement of occupation, or
c.   No written tenancy was given and the tenant has simply occupied premises for any length of time and paid rent.

Any such tenancy will be a protected tenancy. The Landlord can offer the tenant a new lease by way of s.25 notice or the tenant can request one by way of s.26 notice, and a new fixed term lease can be granted. A landlord can oppose a new tenancy but is required to prove certain grounds in order to do so, such as a desire to redevelop, or occupy the premises itself. Compensation is often payable where the landlord is able to terminate a business tenancy.

Orme Associates can provide free initial advice on Business Lease Renewals.

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